After new release of ESXi 4 update 1 I have had one of servers with famous "Unsupported boot partition..." problem. Of course, there was Windows 7 and vSphere client problem also...there was alternate solution to make client works under 7, I tested it but it wasn't so great. It works, but not as it should be working...with this update that problem is can now use vSphere client normally under 7 but not all of features. At least I can't...remote console view from client doesn't work.For upgrade I used Host update utility which comes with client went OK except that update utility crashes under 7 at 80% of upgrade process which made me go insane :)...but, everything was OK because upgrade process was already copied all files to server and server himself just finished upgrade.So, be aware of vSphere components and Win 7...certainly, for some time there could be "little" problems...

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TailkitteSL on Sunday, 20 December 2020 17:56 said:
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