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Hard kill VM in vSphere 4 and 5

First of all you need PowerCLI for this to work. Next, try the following sequence of commands:

  • Connect-VIServer -Server - directly connection on problematic ESXi server or vCenter
  • $esxcli = Get-EsxCli -Server - fetching of useful command (without "Server" if directly on ESXi)
  • $esxcli.vms.vm.list() | Format-Table -Property DisplayName, WorldID - find problematic VM by worldID
  • $esxcli.vms.vm.kill("soft", [worldID]) - "kill" with 3 options: soft, hard and force (first try with hard and only in really big problems use force...without "[]" of course)

Or, if just want to kill VM process in ESXi 3.5-5 directly (without need of PowerCLI) then this is useful too:

  • ps | grep vmx

which gives something similar to:  

7662 7662 vmx /bin/vmx  

7667 7662 vmx /bin/vmx  

7668 7662 mks:VirtualMachineName /bin/vmx  

7669 7662 vcpu-0:VirtualMachineName /bin/vmx

Underscored ones are parents ID's which needs to be killed.

So this is it:     

kill [parents ID] or     

kill -9 [parents ID]

Cisco MPX (meeting place express) NIC and services problem

To successfully activate NIC card with wrong MAC address under MPX deployment please follow:

- first change MAC address to right one under RedHat with root access:

vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (or whatever is your NIC card...)

change HWADDR field

- restart MPX services in /opt/cisco/meetingplace_express/bin:

sudo mpx_sys restart

That's it! It should stop and start MPX services in the right order which is very important...